Breathing Apparatus

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • MSA - Breathing Apparatus
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Lightweight, durable and economical, this SCBA keeps contaminants at bay. Ideal for a variety of industrial-hazard applications. Choose from a variety of options for each of the system's six major components including: face piece, carrier and harness assembly; cylinder; first-stage regulator; mask-mounted regulator; and end-of-service time indicator.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, durable, economical SCBA
  • Pressure-demand apparatus maintain positive air
  • Ergonomic back plate and harness assembly for comfortable, stable wear
  • Detachable components for easy maintenance
  • Easy-release friction buckles

Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus

  • Drager - Breathing Apparatus
  • Imported

Comfort Carrying System

The Dräger PSS 90 features an ortho paedically designed back plate moulded from glass-filled poly amide with carbon fibre for resilience and strength.Following the natural contours of the back and attached securely to the fully padded waist belt and shoulder harness, the result is a carrying system which ensures that the weight of the apparatus and cylinders is concentrated on the hips –thereby reducing back strain, stress and fatigue.

Robust Design

Designed to endure the harsh environments within which today’s fire and rescue professionals are expected to per form, every component is manufactured to a high degree of chemical, heat and flame resistance. The anti-static composite back plate, incorporating moulded carrying handles, is flexible and impact resistant without compromising wearing comfort.

Easy Donning And Doffing

The Dräger PSS 90 features pull forward waist belt adjustment and stainless steel friction buckles for quick and easy donning and doffing.

Wide Range Of Set Configurations

Dräger PSS 90 can be used with either standard gauge or the Dräger Bodyguard II – an innovative, fully electronic monitoring unit combining ahost of monitoring and warning devices into a single instrument. The set accepts a wide range of cylinders sizes including twin cylinder configurations and a host of additional accessories.

Lung Demand Valve

The Dräger Plus LDV carries on Dräger’s tradition of balanced piston designs combines quiet operation with a stable consistent supply of air on demand. Acentrally located switch-off button and tough wrap around silicone cover are incorporated in a modern streamlined shape for easy handling also when wearing gloves.

  • Digital Pressure reading with illuminated display
  • Time remaining based on actual consumption rate
  • Integrated ADSU– Manual Distress Signal Alarm
  • Pneumatic low pressure warning whistle
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Electronic acoustic and optical low pressure warnings
  • 2nd Independent pneumatic low pressure warning
  • Flexible parameter setting with Windows software
  • Data logging– TelemetryreadyIR Communications port

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

FENZY - Breathing Apparatus Self Contained BA Set Self Contained Breathing Apparatus specially developed for firefighting. Its unique design offers comfort and high performance with the new “Extreme Comfort” harness, an ultra-light back plate adjustable to every morphology and a foldable foot guaranteeing a complete protection of the high pressure system.

Key Features of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

  • Resistant to hostile environments : extreme temperatures, chemical products
  • Integrated HP and MP hoses
  • Fenzy Quick-Fix system allowing to replace cylinder quickly and easily
  • Multiple anchoring rings for accessories and fast tightening straps
  • Fenzy Opti-Pro full face mask with full panoramic vision without optical distortion
  • Fenzy SX-Pro first breath demand valve
  • New "Extreme Comfort" harness
  • Ultra-light back plate, adjustable to every morphology for an optimum comfort
  • Movable and foldable foot guaranteeing a complete protection of the high pressure system

Recommended Industries/Use for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

  • Fire Protection
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military

BA Set

BA Set

  • SCOTT - Breathing Apparatus
  • Imported

This NFPA compliant SCBA is built around a low profile, one-piece backframe. It features an ergonomic fit and includes standard padding, as well as wrap around hip wings for added comfort. Kevlar harness with Lumbar support system. State-of-the-art Face mounted “Quic-Release” high flow regulator with donning switch – exclusive “Vibralert” face mounted regulator alarm system for both audible and tactile alarm. The 4-point Kevlar Net style facepiece and the harness provides better helmet fit. Also featuring a redundant first stage pressure reducer system and a over-center retention band permits easy cylinder changes and accommodates 30, 45 and 60 minute cylinders. Parachute style harness fasteners facilitate donning and doffing. Options include the Pak-Alert™ SE, plus a quick-connect that allows for personal issue regulators.

Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device

Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device

Short Time Breathing Apparatus Fenzy Bio-Scape EBA (AS NZS)
Description should be: Light, compact and easy to use,
our Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA) are
perfectly adapted to confined spaces, marine, industrial and
Oil & Gas applications. They are available with a
duration of 10 or 15 minutes.

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Product description:

  • Demand type can be reused
  • Y-type design cylinder valve with gauge normal pressure indication
  • Prevent accident from occurring during emergency escape and keep sufficient air supply
  • Carbon fiber air cylinder working pressure: 30MPa 2L/3L- air cylinder is optional
  • PG-S pressure Gauge can make the storage volume in the bottle read clearly under a complex and dark environment.
  • It can be carried by shoulders, which can make the hands perform other protection operation for escape.
  • Not affected by dense smoke and external severe environment
  • The service time is 15-25 min, which can make relevant personnel quickly evacuate from the dangerous environment
  • Safe and reliable it is a kind of important escape unit used in dangerous environment

Emergency Escape BA Set

Emergency Escape BA Set

  • 15 Minute Emergency Escape Breathing Device
  • MED Approved
  • Automatic Quick Fire Operation
  • High Visibility Bag and Hood
  • Robust, reliable and simple to operate
  • Large Visor offers excellent peripheral vision
  • 10 Minute version also available


    Resuscitator (Artificial Resuscitator) Emergency self breathing instruments. The silicone resuscitator manufactured by us assure high performance. We use these silicone resuscitator for adults. We supply and offer these fetal monitors that are available with oxygen reservoir bag with valve.

    Smoke Escape Mask

    Fire Escape Masks


    Weight : About 650 Grams ( Net Weight )

    EVAQU-O2™ Mask is tested at 600 degrees Radiant Heat, is effectively used for

    Respiratory, Head and Eye Protection. The Masks are certified to protect the user

    for a minimum period of 40 minutes from toxic smoke.

    The Air Purifying Negative Pressure and filtration device is made from high

    technology equipments and products for reliable performance.

    The Flame Resistant Hood protects the head from Hot Burning Ashes and Debris

    or Heat upto 600 degrees.

    Materials :

    Hood : Made from Reflective Aluminum Fire Resistant materials. The Hoods are

    Oversized Hoods – One Size Fits All, covering entire Head and covers full

    forehead and face.

    Visor : Extra Large Vision having a bigger Visor reduces chances of

    Claustrophobia, providing the wearer for a wider view.

    Filter : High Capacity Filter Cartridge : Shell made of Stainless Steel

    Breathing Nose : Inside - Silicon & Outside - Stainless Steel

    Applications : This kind of respirator is an essential personal poison-gas-protecting respiratory

    apparatus incase of a life emergency in hotels, office buildings , department stores,

    banks, posts and telecommunications, power industries, public entertainment

    places or dwelling houses.

    Technical Parameters :

    - Effective Composition: Separate and Activated carbon.

    - Effective time: 40 minutes against poisonous Gas, Smoke Protection & Hot

    Radiation Protection.

    - Effective protection: Against Carbon monoxide (CO); Hydrogen cyanide (HCN);

    toxic smoke and fog.

    - Mist Permeability Coefficient: less than 5%.

    - Inhalation Resistance: less than 800 Pa.

    - Exhalation Resistance: less than 300 Pa.

    - Validity : 5 years

    Approvals : The Masks are approved as per EN 403:2004 Standards

    Warnings :

    - Only one-time used for an emergency escape. It cannot be used for work

    protection, but just for personal escape and self-life-saving.

    - The Adult should help the children to wear this Mask.

    - Keep in well ventilated place.

    - Avoid heat source, flammable, explosive, Rain, Moisture and corrosive

    materials nearby.

    - Keep it moistureproof, within an ambient temperature of 0??? to 40???.

    - Keep it motionless. Pressed, torn vacuum bag or taken apart at will, could cause efficacy damage.

    - This kind of respirator belongs to storage model.As soon as it is placed in store ,it can’t be moved, beaten or taken apart at will ,otherwise it may lose efficiency .

    - Do not use when oxygen strength less than 17%.

    - If the seal has been broken, you must consider that this respirator has been used and can’t be used again.


    Operation Instructions :

    - Tear off the sealing on the plastic package box.

    - Open the vacuum bag to unfold the mask.

    - Pull out the two rubber plugs, outside and inside the breathing mouth.

    - Put on the mask. Make sure strapping tape tight.

    - Choose right way to escape from fire.

    Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device

    Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device

    EEBD (Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device) is a device that is used to evacuate with safety, a dangerous enviroment that lacks normal breathing conditions caused by smoke from fire, gas leaks etc.

    The Lalizas Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD), complies with the amended SOLAS ch.II-2 and the IMO MSC/Circ.849. All vessels on international routes must carry EEBD’s on board.

    LALIZAS approved EEBD carries the following characteristics:

    • Flame resistant materials, silver in colour to reflect heat and be highly visible
    • Durable and reliable construction with low maintenance
    • Full-face hood fits all persons
    • Steady air-flow for 15 minutes with sufficient air delivery rate
    • Easy visual access on the pressure gauge
    • Working temperature range: -10oC to 65oC
    • Easy to refill cylinder - no adaptor required
    • Approved to SOLAS Chapter II - 2 and MSC/Circ.849
    • & designed to meet ΕΝ1146:2005 & ISO 23291-1(2008)

    Emergency Escape Breathing Device

    Features Unique patented automatic ambient air valve Eliminates the risk of suffocation Unique patented air supply system in the hood Maximized duration, minimized dead space Two-layered hood, outer and inner Positions the inner mask correctly Very flexible neck seal Easy to don and comfortable to wear Quiet air delivery system Allows voice communication Fail safe quick start mechanism Guarantees automatic air activation Compressed breathing air technology Unit can be re-used Quick fill system Quick and easy recharging of cylinders

    There cannot be a simpler unit than the Spiroscape . Once it is donned, the user is able to focus on escape. This is made possible with the unique ambient air valve which automatically opens when the cylinder is depleted. Thereby eliminating the risk of suffocation inside the hood and no air is wasted on a low air warning alarm.
    The patented air distribution system expels CO2 from the hood optimizing the use of air from the cylinder. The air flow is activated by pulling the quick start tab. This simultaneously opens the zipper on the carrying bag, giving the user access to the hood.
    An anti-tamper tag verifies the integrity of the unit and the cylinder contents gauge can easily be read from the outside.
    The Spiroscape comprises of a cylinder with breathing air which can be easily recharged with the simple quick fill system, providing a unit that is easy to re-use and ideal for training.
    The hood has a very flexible neck seal providing an effective seal and making the hood easy to don and comfortable to wear.

    Life Oxygen Pac Breathing Apparatus

    Life Oxygen Pac

    When minutes count EMERGENCY OXYGEN can be the difference between LIFE OR DEATH
    • Simple and EASY TO USE
      • External Two-step Instructions and Clear Cover
      • Inhalator: administer supplemental oxygen for a breathing victim
      • Resuscitator: oxygen enriched mouth-to-mask CPR for a non-breathing victim
    • Easily Portable with Convenient Handle
    • Size : 20 Inch x 6 Inch x 9 Inch
    • Weight : 16lbs - Aluminum Cylinder
    • Wall Mount for Recognition and Accessibility, always available on display for easy access
    • Simple "On-Off" Control Lever
    • Constant Reading Supply Gauge (other units must be turned on to read gauge)
    • 90 Minute Supply @ 6LPM - 566 liters Oxygen
    • Resuscitation LIFE® CPR Mask with One-Way Valve fits both adult and child
    • Cylinder is easily disposable/replaceable or refillable at local gas distributors.
    • Tight Seal Protects Unit from Dust and Moisture
    • Units Come Ready-to-Use , full of oxygen with wall brackets and screws
    • 5 Year Warranty
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