Warning Tape

Warning Tape

Warning Tape

Message Tapes :
  • Police Line Do Not Cross
  • Danger Do Not Cross
  • Crime scene Do Not Cross
  • Do Not Cross
  • Do Not Enter
  • Restricted Area
  • Entry Restricted
  • Under Construction
  • Work Zone
  • Men At Work
  • Stop
  • Danger
  • Caution
  • Warning
  • Prohibitted
  • Keep Out
  • Closed
  • Authorized Personnel only
  • Pass Holders Only

Barricade Tape

Barricade Tape

To fulfill the demands of various road construction and sites, we supply superior quality of barricade tapes. These are designed in such a way so that they can be visible from distance with sturdy construction. These are used to the status of the work in progress. Colors available Red & White with wordings Work in progress & caution


3 inch


200 Meter


Both Sidel


per Meter

Floor Marking Tapes

Floor Marking Tapes :

These products are widely used in aisle marking, marking of hazardous area, cautionary marking or identification of specific areas, floor and exit marking, cable identification, color-coding, and preventing carton pilferage. Commonly available colors are Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, White, Black and Yellow-Black Zebra.

Technical Characteristics:

Type of TestingUnitTypical ValueTest Method
Total ThicknessMicron165 micronIS:8402
Pees Adhesion (ATS)g / 25 mmMin 1000 grmsASTMD:1000
Tack Rolling BallBall No.Min 6ASTMD:1000
Solvent Resistance-Above averageN / A
Weather Resistance-GoodN/A
Heat Resistance1 hr100N/A


a)Size : 24 mm(1 Inch )X 33 Meter
b)Size :36 mm(1½ Inch )X 33 Meter
c)Size :48 mm( 2 inch )X 33 Meter
d)Size :.72 mm( 3 inch )X 33 Meter
e)Size :96 mm( 4 inch )X 33 Meter
f)Size :120 mm( 5 inch )X 33 Meter
h)Size :144 mm( 6 inchX 33 Meter
( Customize sizes also available on request )

  • Floor marking tapes are being widely used now a day for safety, identifying lane marking for storage segmentation, ideal for ISO 9001, QS 9000 companies, good resistance to chemical and other moving objects. Better than paints.
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Colors available are white, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Red, Yellow- Black, Red-white, Green White & More.

Zebra Cross Marking Tapes

Zebra Cross Marking Tapes :

We can easily produce yellow floor marking tapes & zebra floor marking tapes that are extremely durable, slip resistant, and easy to install. Facility traffic does not interfere with the structure of the safety floor sign or floor marking tape that permits daily use and abuse. These floor marking tapes also save paint time and are completely a cost effective medium.

Available sizes:


Size :

24 mm

1 Inch

33 Meter Roll


Size :

36 mm

1½ Inch

33 Meter Roll


Size :

48 mm

2 inch

33 Meter Roll


Size :

72 mm

3 inch

33 Meter Roll


Size :

96 mm

4 inch

33 Meter Roll


Size :

120 mm

5 inch

33 Meter Roll


Size :

144 mm

6 inch

33 Meter Roll

NB : Customize sizes available on request

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape


  • Prismatic reflective tape
  • Retro reflective tape
  • Conspicuity tape
  • Vehicle marking tape


  • Size:
  • width - 2 Inch
  • Length - 50 mtr. - Roll

Colours available :

  • White & red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

3M Vehicle Marking Tape

Vehicle Conspicuity Tape

  • Size : 2 Inch
  • Length : 50 Meter
  • Colours : WHITE, YELLOW & RED


  • Top grade
  • Excellent design
  • Very strong
  • Easy installation

Night Glow Tape

Night Glow Tape

This High Glow tapes & stickers can glow more than 6-8 hours in the dark after absorbing visible light for only 10-15 minutes.


Serial no:SizeLength per RollPacking / Carton
112 mm {1/2 inch.}10 Mtrs1 Roll
215mm {Odd Size.}10 Mtrs1 Roll
318mm {3/4 inch. }10 Mtrs1 Roll
424mm {1 .0 inch.}10 Mtrs1 Roll
536mm {1.5 inch.}10 Mtrs1 Roll
648mm {2 .0 inch.}10 Mtrs1 Roll
772mm {3 .0 inch.}10 Mtrs1 Roll
8144mm{6 .0 inch.}10 Mtrs1 Roll
9300mm{12 .0 inch.}10 Mtrs1 Roll


  • Flexible Laminated Tape That Absorb And Store Energy From Ambient Light.
  • In The Event Of A Power Failure Or Power Outage These Tapes Are Immediately Visible There by Providing People With A Clearly Illuminated Evacuation Route.
  • Our Glow In The Dark Tapes & Sticker are Peel And Stick And Easily Affixed To Walls, Columns, Around Door Or Window Frames,Handrails, Along Stairways And Baseboards And Are Ideal Four Your Low-Level Emergency Egress System.
  • They Are Constructed From A Flexible Laminated Film That Is Coated With Permanent Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive And Backed By Poly-Coated Release Liner.
  • They Are UV Stable.
  • Installation Is As Simply Position, Peel Of Backing, And Apply To Dry, Non Oily Surface.
  • Please Ensure That The Minimum Application Temperature Is 50 Degree Fahrenheit Or 10 Degree Celsius.

Anti Slip Floor Tape

Anti Slip Floor Tape
a ) Size : 25 M M ( 1 Inch ) X 60 FEET.
b ) Size : 50 M M ( 2 inch ) X 60 FEET.
c ) Size : 100 M M ( 4 inch ) X 60 FEET


SAFETY: The anti-skid tape effectively prevents accidents caused by slipping with its anti-skid attributes


Anyone can easily position the Anti-skid tape on steps because
of its superior flexibility.Able to bend over 90° angles without
fracture FINE COLOURS: A customer can choose the color he
wants from the diverse color selection according to his own
reference. And can be placed on any Color Surface


Building entrance and foyers, public access areas, shopping malls,
residential domestic kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool edges,
steps and starting blocks, aquatic centres, spa and sauna areas,
stair edging, gymnasium equipment, marine and boating,
wheelchair ramps and entries and many more.


Suitable for all kinds of surfaces : Granite, Marble, Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Glass, Metal etc.



1. Remove debris and dust from the surface of stairs or floors.

2. Detach the Nonslip tape from its paper backing and adhere it to the surface

3. Firmly press the tape to the surface for perfections adhesion.


It can be used in :

Retirement homes, aged care facilities, hotels and motels,
child care centres, supermarkets, hospitals, peoples homes,
pool and spa decks, gyms, commercial buildings
in fact any where there are tiles!

It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, laundries,
tiled walkways and entrance areas, food preparation areas etc.

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